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  • Specially trained breast surgeons providing clinical and radiographic correlation and consultation for your individual treatment plan.Breast Disease & Cancer Treatment Center
  • Proficiency in traditional surgical techniques as well as progressive, minimally invasive procedures (minimal tissue removed and no stitches) whenever appropriate for the problem.
  • Fine needle biopsy, ultrasound guided core biopsy and stereotactic guided core biopsy.
  • Sentinel lymphatic node mapping.
  • Coordination of care with a multidisciplinary approach.
Services already available in our office include:
  • In office minimally invasive "band-aid" breast biopsy.
  • Surgical catheter placement for new 5 day SAVI radiation treatment vs. 6 weeks of daily treatment.
  • Participation in molecular profiling genomics of breast cancer (Oncotype DX) tissue analysis for individualized recurrence risk which assists with specific "tailor made" oncology treatment plans.
Expanded Patient Support Services at Physicians Medical Plaza
  • St. Vincent Breast MRI with CAD Stream
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
  • Hematology Oncology Services
  • St. Vincent Mammography Services
  • St. Vincent Genetic Counseling
  • Survivors Program
  • Patient Navigator
The SAVI® applicator is an evolution in radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer. Delivering treatment from inside the breast, SAVI uses multiple catheters to direct radiation where it is needed most. This unique design allows for unparalleled dose sculpting ability that minimizes exposure to healthy tissue and reduces complications, making the benefits of breast brachytherapy available to more women.
The Oncotype DX test is a diagnostic test that can help women with some types of breast cancer learn more about the biological activity of their specific tumor. Along with other pieces of information, the results from the Oncotype DX test can help women and their doctors make decisions about whether or not to include chemotherapy in their treatment plan. It can also help indicate how likely it is that a woman's cancer may return in the future.

Click here to watch a video and learn more about Oncotype DX.


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